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Sound Of Contact - Dimensionaut (2013) ~REPACK~

Independently of any resemblances, the album is as good as modern prog crossover gets. It is easily as good as a good Steven WIlson album for example which is what I guess I would compare the style of this to for people who have not heard it to get an idea of which prog universe this album sits in.. It is a clear heir of the better parts of the second genesis era (it especially reminds me of Duke and then there were three at points..... Undertow in particular ...... , a rather beautiful underrated song and even album in my view, by the way, unliked mostly because it is remembered by fans as a drastic change from what they were used to , while it is actually more similar to Trick of the Tail and Wind and Wuthering than people think) Back to Dimesionaut: many high points. The two first tracks and I am a dimensionaut are proper symphonic prog Beyond illumination is a beautiful song with a fantastic choris though it is the one that is strangest in that it really sounds like a Phil Collins Genesis song even though it has a slightly out of context Sally Oldfield sounding featured artist on it . It is weird how SImon sounds a little quite a lot like his dad on it Makes you sort of love him like family if you are a Genesis fan!Writing this makes me want to go and listen to the album yet again. I wish the bad had not split and look forward to the new Simon Collins album hoping it stands up to this. social review comments Review PermalinkPosted Friday, July 24, 2020 Review this album Report (Review #2431776)

Sound Of Contact - Dimensionaut (2013)

I like three or four songs on this album but unfortunately it's not especially much more than that. I have good things to say about the album, it's not totally bad so in usual order I will start with what's good. I can also say that it is the group's debut record and it features Simon Collins on drums and vocals(yes it's Phil's son), Dave Kerzner on keys, Kelly Nordstrom on guitars and bass and Matt Dorsey on guitars and bass. The album consists of twelve tracks of which two has a short lenght and one a very long.I like the entering track "Sound of Contact" with a vocals repetation which people fond of Yes' music will recognize. It envolves to "Cosmic Distance Ladder", an instrumental song which is the album's second best. I like the driving guitars and the partial speed. In some aspects Sound of Contract succeeds to make a symphonic sound. There are referencies to prog giants such as already mentioned Yes and also Pink Floyd(screaming woman-voices on track 9) and one of the best things with this record is the competent vocalist. Simon Collins' voice is similar to Phil Collins but I can also hear something of Peter Gabriel in the best song: "Remote View" which I love. But I think his voice could have been used on better material.Such as prog bands uses to do, they play a very long song in the end of this record. My opinion about that track is unfortunately negative. I don't get what's epic with that. Most of the album's tracks are very lame and I think many pop songs would be more interesting. As I use to think, this could have been better with a smaller format of time. I get what could be considered okey but not according to me. Could have been three stars but when these sounds couln't give me emotional contact I can't give more than two. Best tracks: "Remote view"(8/10), "Cosmic distance ladder"(7/10), "Omega point"(6/10) and "Sound of Contact"(6/10). The others got 4 to 5 points of 10 each. social review comments Review PermalinkPosted Monday, September 23, 2013 Review this album Report (Review #1042825)


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