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Chat With Nat: Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Hopefully this doesn't post twice. I rarely comment on blogs (even though I read yours religiously!!). I am so happy you posted this that I just had to comment! I love to wear scarves but was seriously about to get rid of all my gauzy ones because I never could figure out how to wear them without looking ridiculous. I can't wait to try your way of tying!! Thank you for sharing it with us!

Chat with Nat: Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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2. The mock trial team was happy with its presentations to the judge.The singular verb was and pronoun its are used if the writer intends to convey that team members were generally all happy with the presentations. ORThe mock trial team were happy with their presentations to the judge.The plural verb were and pronoun their are used if the writer intends to convey that there were some differences of opinion among the team, but overall they were happy with the presentations.


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