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Ease And Wizz Plugin For After Effects Free 106

Ease and Wizz plugin for After Effects free 106

If you are looking for a way to make your animations more dynamic and realistic, you might want to try the Ease and Wizz plugin for After Effects. This plugin is a set of expressions that give you more options to interpolate between values, such as position, rotation, scale, opacity, and more. The plugin is based on the easing equations by Robert Penner, which are widely used in web design and Flash animation. The plugin is available for free at [], where you can also find tutorials and examples of how to use it.


The Ease and Wizz plugin has several advantages over the default easing options in After Effects. First of all, it allows you to apply different types of easing to different properties of the same layer, or to different keyframes of the same property. For example, you can have a layer move with a bounce effect on the X axis, and with a back effect on the Y axis. Or you can have a layer fade in with a linear ease, and fade out with an elastic ease. You can also mix and match different types of easing within the same property, such as having a layer scale up with an expo ease, and scale down with a sine ease.

Another advantage of the Ease and Wizz plugin is that it makes your keyframes editable. You can drag objects in the comp viewer, or move keyframes in the timeline, and the easing will be updated automatically. You don't have to worry about adjusting the speed graph or the influence handles to get the desired result. You can also use the plugin to create curved motion paths, shape animations, and mask paths with ease.

The Ease and Wizz plugin is very easy to use. You just need to select the layer or property that you want to animate, and choose one of the easing options from the palette that docks in your After Effects interface. You can also adjust some parameters, such as amplitude, period, overshoot, or decay, depending on the type of easing that you choose. The plugin will then apply an expression to your selected property, which you can view and edit in the expression editor if you want.

The Ease and Wizz plugin is compatible with After Effects CS3 and above, on both Windows and Mac platforms. It works with any type of layer or property that can be animated in After Effects, including text layers, shape layers, cameras, lights, effects, and expressions. It also supports 3D layers and motion blur. The plugin is free to download and use, but you can also pay what you want to support the developer, Ian Haigh, who created this amazing tool.

If you want to learn more about the Ease and Wizz plugin for After Effects, you can watch this [quick overview tutorial] by Ian Haigh himself, or check out some of the other tutorials and examples on []. You can also read some reviews and feedback from other users who have tried the plugin on their projects. The Ease and Wizz plugin is a must-have for any After Effects animator who wants to add more life and personality to their animations.


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