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What To Buy A Whiskey Lover

Let's say your whiskey-sipping pal doesn't confine their consumption to their hometown. If they've bounced around pubs across the country, or even the world, then shouldn't there be a way to reflect that in their home bar setup? Now they can commemorate their favorite locales with these glasses etched with maps of iconic cities.

what to buy a whiskey lover

Some glasses just feel really good in the hand, and this Rauk Heavy Tumbler from Norlan wins the prize. With a good amount of heft, a chunky base, and gorgeous pressed molten crystal construction, it's no wonder that whiskey drinkers consider this Icelandic pick to be the perfect heavy tumbler.

This unique pairing first conceived by the band and master brewer Dave Pickering involved "sonically enhancing" the whiskey in the finishing stages by blasting the barrels with curated playlists of Metallica songs that were selected by the band to encourage movement within the casks. The result is a unique flavor that'll even make St. Anger go down smooth.

The team at Two Stacks were determined to turn their backs on what they felt was an overly-automated distillery culture, and instead, return to the traditional Irish ways. Along the way, though, they managed to make a major innovation in the whiskey world: the dram in a can.

With an eye toward whiskey on-the-go for concerts, camping, or any time an outdoorsy-type might need a fix, Two Stacks managed to craft a 43% ABV whiskey that tastes just as good in the can as it does in a glass!

The 21st century brought in a major innovation for whiskey drinkers, in the form of the Glencairn whiskey glass. Designed to accentuate the aromas of the whiskey for a fuller, more thorough tasting experience, the Glencairn design has been endorsed by the Scotch Whisky Association, and is a must-own for any aficionado.

Since there are plenty of ladies out there who love whiskey, give her something cozy to rock as she sips her favorite rye. This super soft, vintage-inspired crewneck will quickly become her new weekend go-to once the temperature drops. It's the perfect top for walking in a whiskey winter wonderland.

The team behind NYC's The Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog published this concoction that's half whiskey cocktail recipes, half comic book telling the story of a rabbit-headed gangster let loose on the streets of gritty 1970s New York. Get tanked on a Dream Ticket and read the wildest ride this side of Tank Girl.

Here's a great gift to inject a fun little element of education to the budding whiskey lover's life. The set includes to great Italian glasses, a field guide book on the spirit, ice molds, and Old Fashioned mixer. If somebody you know likes whiskey, this is how you get them into the territory of loving whiskey.

Not all glasses are created equal. These rugged clankers from Whiskey Peaks rise from the depths, depicting the dramatic Grand Tetons of the American West. They're handblown and will add a cool outdoors motif to your whiskey lover's tool belt.

Here's a great gift for folks who like whiskey but also like the many complementary flavors out there. You don't have to be a drink-it-neat diehard all the time, especially when you have these great bitters on hand, which add both harmonious aromatics and flavors.

Whiskey fans raise a glass, American single malt is officially a thing. St. George Spirits of California makes one of the most interesting takes, an elegant whiskey as good as some of the best Scotches in all the land.

Whiskey subscriptions are the gifts that keep on giving. Flaviar members get a quarterly tasting box and quarterly full bottle of hand-picked whiskey, with an emphasis on discovery and spirits appreciation.

Uncle Nearest's history can be traced all the way back to the former slave who taught Jack Daniel how to distill himself. This bottle will thus give your giftee a renewed appreciation for Tennessee whiskey.

Unless you really love your whiskey-loving friend and have an endless pit of cash, you aren't gifting a bottle of Pappy any time soon. The folks at Pappy & Co. are direct descendants of the bespectacled, cigar-smoking Pappy himself, and they age maple syrup in retired Pappy barrels. Bourbon for breakfast? Sign us up.

This is the whiskey glass to end all whiskey glasses. It's the one that judges use to taste whiskey in competitions because they offer up the ultimate drinking experience from achieving the perfect swirl to the way it accentuates the whiskey's aromas.

Gotta have your whiskey on the go! Do it in style with this copper flask that's both beautiful and functional. It is a piece that will only get better with age and can be passed down for generations.

You might not know what whiskey you're buying, but the people at Flaviar sure know what they're doing. Let the experts pick what whiskeys your friend gets, and you can expect a similarly excellent gift from your giftee next time.

This hardcover from Whisky Lounge founder Eddie Ludlow takes the whiskey lover through a series of tastings, leaving no stone unturned in the world of whiskey, from making simple pours to concocting speakeasy-worthy cocktails.

Whether it's one bottle or one hundred bottles, whiskey and other spirits need a nice place to call home. That place should be West Elm's Mid-Century Bar Cart. And it's on wheels so you can bring the party anywhere.

Each gift has been chosen to ensure that you can impress the single malt lover in your life with confidence, and give them something original and memorable (even if your own tastes are more sparkling than smoky).

For the whiskey lover who knows their favourite tipple, but needs something just as cool to keep it in. This matte-black hip flask has metallic vintage-style writing on the front, in a historical nod to the classic whiskey distilleries of Tennessee, USA, in the post-prohibition era.

The whiskey lover in your life will appreciate this curated set including 2 classic whiskey tumblers and heavy glass decanter with airtight stopper. High quality whiskey kit also includes reusable whiskey stones made of natural granite

These gorgeous alcohol gift sets create a beautiful display on your mini bar or liquor desk; allowing guests to see the whiskeys tone and color. Cocktail mixers gift set looks best with a smooth, fine whiskey or scotch bottle by its side

It feels good to give a present but wrapping can be a hassle. These whiskey drinkers gift sets are thoughtfully packaged in an opulent gold and granite style boxing; no wrapping is necessary for the ease of instant gift giving

Whether they love a good glass of scotch, bourbon or Irish whiskey, personalized gifts for whiskey lovers run the gamut from chic, gold-foiled coasters and hand-cut decanter labels to personalized cards. The perfect gift for the whiskey connoisseur appreciates how a simple rocks glass or classic tumbler can heighten the experience of trying a new vintage.

A classic gift for your best man, adorn a sleek whiskey flask with a personalized message, a set of initials or even your wedding date. The body of the flask comes in stainless steel, copper or matte black.

A fine glass of whiskey requires an appropriately fancy coaster to go along with it. Add a rim of gold paint to the rough edges of a circular agate stone. Mix and match shapes and sizes as a unique gift set of whiskey accessories.

This neat painting trick involving oil, water and black Sumi ink creates a naturally marbleized look on a hand-cut swatch of leather. Package these coasters up with a set of rocks glasses as a great whiskey or bourbon gift.

Party guests will never confuse their glasses again with these hand-painted chalkboard rocks glasses. Add chalkboard paint with the use of a stencil onto a matching whiskey set. This gift set also works well for tasting glasses in a whiskey sampler.

Simple but super stylish, cut a set of seven hexagonal pieces of wood and paint with alternating colors within the same palette. These make for a lovely whiskey accessory when grouped with their favorite vintage.

For easy-to-assemble party favors for your bridesmaids or groomsmen, combine the ingredients of your favorite whiskey cocktails in a mason jar with instructions for making the celebratory beverage. Add a fun paper straw, instruction card and festive twine.

Add a collection of family or group friend photos among an artistic layout to the base of a classic food and beverage tray. Gift to a couple of whiskey lovers at their wedding or at the purchase of a new home.

Every whiskey cocktail looks a bit more inviting with reusable, handmade drink stirrers. Cut small, flag-shaped patches of leather and glue to the end of thick wooden dowels. Bundle together a collection for a whiskey-inspired gift set.

Crafty with carpentry? Follow this guide for constructing a rustic-chic wine rack, ready to hold both whiskey collections and a few wine glasses or tumblers. Gift to a new homeowner or as a personalized wedding gift.

Whiskey-inspired gifts can be adapted for nearly all occasions, whether marking a huge life milestone or even picking up a travel souvenir. Create a truly personalized design by creating their whiskey gift by hand, adding your own twist on a classic design.

Once upon a time this whiskey was exclusively sold in Mitchell's grocers in Dublin. The bottle is now much adored throughout the world and in 2018 was awarded 'liquid gold' status by Jim Murray in his respected whisky bible. This whiskey is a supremely sippable, stubbornly Irish celebration of caramel and fruit. Give this one to any newbies or theatre geeks, any stage enthusiasts are sure to be bowled over by the company this whiskey keeps.

A modern Irish whiskey that oozes the smoothness and warmth associated with the Emerald Isle's heritage drams. This Dublin-made tipple caresses the tongue with summer fruits, warm spices and pepper. A drinking experience that will keep your friends around long after dinner has been served. Best presented to any Irish whiskey heads you know.

One of the world's most recognisable whiskey brands. Jack Daniel's have an expansive collection on offer, their single-barrel expression is an inexpensive and thoughtful gift for the JD lover in your life. A full-bodied whiskey with plenty of spicy rye balanced against honey and cereal. One for the Jack and Coke drinker, this is a versatile expression that will see them gradually wean off the mixer. 041b061a72


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