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Buy Canon 1d Mark Iv

I clocked this with a Junghans 1/10-second mechanical stopwatch as a target to mark seconds clearly, since electronic LCDs don't move fast enough. For people trying this at home, it turns out that the EXIF clock times are written accurately, so you can look at the capture times and not need a stopwatch.

buy canon 1d mark iv

On the heels of my guest blog post over at Tiffinbox, I wanted to showcase a little camera comparison I used to illustrate my points on gear acquisition. We are all at fault for lusting after the latest and greatest gear available to us on the market. I know I have, but that lust comes with a price tag and a trade-off.

the review which you gave me, there was no direct comparison between the two brand on that time and day, SO IS USELESS. You should read or watch the review that i gave you before. Prakash, as I told you i am a canon and nikon user, I love both brand. If every review said canon 1d4 has a problem with auto focus like 1d3, then I will have go along with you, but this is not the case. Like I just said if you try find a weakness of each brand that you may or may not like you will find one or two. I think we will have find out this up coming Sunday for the SUPER BOWL GRAM to see which one is better. If you see more black lens than white lens, which mean Nikon is take over pro sport market share. I am happy that you like your Nikon camera, the brand that use and trust for so many years, but i think we should stop at this point, because if continue thing will never ended.

I shoot rock concerts and when I saw the D3s, I did not hesitate and sold 8,000 in Canon equipment. NERVOUSLY! There were several reasons besides iso performance. Duel cf slots, manual controls, full frame, (I like to utilize ultra wide angle lenses) which on the mark 3 of 4 the widest I can get is 21mm on their 16-35 lens. On the Nikon it is a true 14 mm. besides all that. ISO. I got my D3s last week and all I can say is at 6400 iso, the camera is mind boggeling, even without noise reduction software. With noiseware added, 6400 iso looks like 400 iso if that. I literally cannot see any grain, and even if I did Nikons noise looks alot more like film grain than Canon does. I am truly not bias toward either brand, bias is ignorance, but after seeing the images coming out of the new Canon 1d mark 4, I know I made the right decision to switch. The only thing Im a little on edge about is I have a friend who works at a camera store and he said Nikon may already be planing replacements to be revealed at PMA in march of 2010, even for the D3s. If that is true I will be ticked after spending 5200. But then again usually what he has said in the past has not happened. Does anybody know if this is true? 041b061a72


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