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Space Motion - Green Rework (Original Mix) VERIFIED

A. AGENDA TITLE: Concept Plan Review and Comment for a proposed redevelopment of 4401 Broadway with a 107,250-sf mixed-use project to include housing, retail, light industrial and art studio space, community green space, and a new home for the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. The proposed project consists of approximately 17,000 sf of museum space, 17,500 sf of at grade storefront commercial space, and 72,750 sf of residential space, split between 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and live/work units, with 96 parking spaces provided (29% reduction). Reviewed under case no. LUR2022-00046.

Space Motion - Green Rework (Original Mix)

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On a motion by S. Silver seconded by J. Gerstle the Planning Board voted 5-2 (L. Smith, D. Ensign opposed) to highlight Planning Board's concerns on the proposed Phase 2 Community Benefit Ordinance. Planning Board supports the idea of a Community Benefit focused on affordable commercial space in exchange for additional height and floor area. However, we had concerns with the proposal brought to us as Ordinance 8469 including: 041b061a72


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